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Established in 1995, we are an organization focusing in developing and promoting ecotourism in Indonesia. We particularly envisage ecotourism as one of the sustainable options of natural conservation; by encouraging visitors to minimize the negative impact of their visit as well as encouraging local government and local community to manage their consumption of natural resources in sustainable manner. We believe that if this harmonious relation is achieved, then natural conservation can function effectively to improve welfare of local community.

With more than 25 years of experience, we are now focusing our works on several technical focus areas; including:


Facilitating Sustainable Tourism Development
We facilitate you to develop sustainable tourism destinations, particularly for ecotourism and community-based tourism, by adopting sustainable tourism development principles.

Taking You to the Next Level
We provide capacity building and improving your capacity in tourism knowledge and skill, which will allow you to take your destination to the next level. We are also a learning hub, both online and offline, which you can always turn to for knowledge on sustainable tourism, ecotourism, and community-based tourism.

Planning Your Tourism Development
Planning is a range of tangible steps towards achieving your goals for your destination. We love to work together with you to plan the development of your destinations, while in the same time strengthening your local institutions.

Linking You to The Global Network
We are the hub of various networks of ecotourism stakeholders at regional and global level. By becoming of our network, you will be able to know and link to other organizations, and actively participate in these networks.

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Bali & Lesser Sunda


Papua & Moluccas

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