Adaptation Guide to New Habits: Management of Tourism Attraction Complieance to COVID19 Prevention for Kalimantan

Author : Indecon | KEHATI Foundation | 2021

Tourism industry in Indonesia collapsed due to COVID19. Mechanisms were put in place to prevent the virus transmission, especially by minimizing contacts between individuals and in worst case, temporarily closing tourist areas. Over time, the tourism industry in Indonesia is slowly recovering back to life. However, tourism trends has changed, as now people choose to visit tourist attractions with carefull attention to cleanliness and COVID mitigation. The CHSE (Cleanliness, Healthy, Safety and Environmental Sustainability) protocol was mandatory at tourist sites. Although now COVID-19 had been significantly low, the clean and healthy protocols should have been carried out nevertheless. This guidelines provides assistance for adapting new habits of tourist attraction management for community-based ecotourism managers and actors. This guide does not only discuss health protocols but also about the preservation of natural resources as tourism assets, i.e. explanation of the ecotourism principles. Ecotourism can create a safe environment for visitors. Although this guide was developed based on several villages at West and East Kalimantan, it can be referred to by other tourist attraction locations in Kalimantan.

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