CREATED (Creative Enterpreneurship to Accelerate Tourism and Local Economic Development)

CREATED (Creative Enterpreneurship to Accelerate Tourism and Local Economic Development) CREATED project is a joint initiative of Yayasan Ekowisata Indonesia (Indecon) and its partners – Yayasan Benih Matahari and Yayasan Lingkungan Hidup Seloliman – to create added value for community based products and local entrepreneurship in order to accelerate tourism and local economic development. It was implemented in 2016-2019 at 3 (three) regions at Flores Island. The project is co-financed by the European Union. The objectives were (i) promoting a constructive and effective participation of civil society in developing local economic policies in Flores; and (ii) improving linkage of community based economic activities to tourism in order to increase tourism contribution to poverty reduction and equitable economic growth.

Project Component

Project components included: (1) creating added value for community products at village by improving their quality and variety for tourism industry; (2) increasing entrepreneurship of local tourism organization and local community; (3) developing business network and marketing for community products to tourism industry; (4) improving capacity and promote dialogue in local economic development to integrate inter region tourism development.


The project was implemented at 3 regions, which are Mbeliling region in West Manggarai District, Inerie region in Manggarai District, and Ruteng region in Ngada District in East Nusa Tenggara; and cities in Flores Island. Overall, it had engaged local communities for more than 10 villages at three districts.


Some of the outputs were : (1) More than 1.000 people (79% women) both in technical skills for producing community products; financial and managerial skills; more than 200 government officers had participated in sustainable tourism trainings; (2) More than 30 variants of new products, including food-based products, craft products, homestay and culinary products, tour products; (3) More than 16 community based production groups. Their members are local communities; benefitting from additional income of the production; (4) A local SME had been established to accelerate marketing and distribution of community products.

Donor & Partners

The project is co-financed by the Civil Society Organizations and Local Authorities in Development (CSO-LA) program from the European Union.

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