Ecotourism Masterplan for Rawa Singkil Wildlife Reserve, Aceh

Ecotourism Masterplan for Rawa Singkil Wildlife Reserve, Aceh

The purpose of the activity is to develop Taman Nasional Gunung Rinjani Natural Tourism Master Plan that includes comprehensive and integrated guidance for Gunung Rinjani National Park by referring to the principles of natural conservation and natural tourism. After the Lombok earthquake in August 2018 there was severe damage to tourism activities on Mount Rinjani. There have been many changes due to this disaster, both physical nature and infrastructure, so it is necessary to restructure tourism activities there. Responding to these changes while at the same time supporting the realization of the vision and mission of Mount Rinjani National Park as well as answering strategic issues and the dynamics of the challenges of implementing natural tourism in this national park such as waste management, visitor management, institutional capacity of local tourism actors and disaster risk mitigation, it is necessary to revise the previous Nature Tourism Master Plan.

Project Component

The project consist of :
(1) survey and analysis of tourism attraction, accessibility, amenities and ancillaries
(2) Develop ecotourism master plan
(3) workshop to gathering inputs and disseminate of ecotourism master plan


It was implemented at Rawa Singkil Wildlife Reserve-Aceh. The location is known as one of the largest remaining peat forest in Aceh (around 81.000 ha) dan habitat of one most endangered species orang utan.


Achievement :
(1) Development of Ecotourism Masterplan of Rawa Singkil Wildlife Reserve 2020-2029.
(2) Dissemination of Ecotourism Masterplan of Rawa Singkil Wildelife Reserve 2020-2029 to the district’s government officials and tourism stakeholders in Aceh Singkil District and Aceh Selatan District

Donor & Partners

The project was funded by USAID-LESTARI

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