EYW – Community Based Tourism in Empower Youth for Work​

EYW – Community Based Tourism in Empower Youth for Work

Community Based Tourism (CBT) project is a pilot component within Empower Youth for Work (EYW) project. It aims to improve the capacity of young women and men so that they can use their agency, both soft and market-led technical skills as demanded by employers. More than 1.900 people had participated in all project activities. The project had provided trainings for 191 youths at both districts. Female participation increases from relatively low 21-27% in the beginning to 54% in capacity building activities or overall to 27-32%.

Project Component

After project intervention, target beneficiaries can use their skills especially in:

  1. Capacity building, by providing training on community based tourism, including ecotourism guiding, tour product development, homestay, hospitality, and institutional management.
  2. Tour product development, which included tour packages, community events, local souvenirs
  3. Site planning to support tourism attraction management
  4. Institutional development, including youth hubs (total 5 hubs) and youth-led SMEs (total 15 SMEs).


The Outputs achieved included:

  1. Youth Hubs; at Bolapitue, Pannikiang, Limbangan, and Panaikang
  2. Tour Products; 9 tour products, 3 out of them were commercially offered to market
  3. Site plans for 4 tourism sites, developed and presented by local communities including youths to local government
  4. Events: Limbangan Floating Market 2019, CBT Exchange Learning (2021), CBT Youth Festival (2021)
  5. Total 15 youth-led SMEs which operate tour products (community tour organizers), food-based souvenirs (coffee, snacks, honey, etc.), and craft-based souvenir (bags, keychains, etc.)
  6. Signages and CHSE facilities (wash basin)

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