MPTF Ecotourism Development for Income Generation and Jobs

MPTF Ecotourism Development for Income Generation and Jobs

MPTF (Multiple Partnership Trust Fund) project is a COVID19 economic recovery projects, administered by the International Labour Organization. The proposed capacity building activities aimed to improve the capacity of existing community providers of tourism services & products to increase economic values of their local tourism products; as well as to increase marketability of local tourism products in order to assist local tourism providers and local communities to expand their market catchment. The training covered the following topics: Tour Products Development, Attraction Management, Tourism Product Marketing & Supply Chain.

Project Component

The project consists of 4 training series, including:

    1. Training on facilitator.
    2. Training on tourism product development.
    3. Training on tourism attraction management

Training on marketing and supply chainThe training series were followed by online and offline coaching as after training supports.


The project was funded by the International Labour Organization.


The project was implemented between June-December 2021 at 5 different districts in Lombok Island and Flores Island. In Lombok, total 140 trainees completed the trainings (26% women, 56% youth) who had improved and developed more than 15 new tour products at their villages. The tour products have been promoted through social media of each tourism villages.

Donor & Partners

North Lombok Districts (Senaru, Sembalun, KarangBajo, Bayan, Loloan)
Central Lombok Districts (Bonjeruk, Leneng, Pejanggik, Karang Sidemen, Gerunung, Penujak Village)
West Manggarai District,  (Warloka Pesisir, Tanjung Boleng, Tondong Belang, Pasir Panjang, Komodo, Liang Ndara, Siru Village)
Ngada District (Manubhara, Were Tiga, Langagedha, Magilewa, Mangulewa, Bowari, Aimere, Mengeruda Village)
Ende District (Wolofeo Sipijena, Detusoko, Onelako, Wolotopo Timur, Niowula Village)

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