Study Of Tourist Facility Development In Taman Nasional Sebangau

Study Of Tourist Facility Development In Taman Nasional Sebangau


The purpose of this project is to provide input to Sebangau National Park in constructing natural tourism facilities by carrying out a study on natural tourism facility at Sebangau National Park accordingly to its physical characteristics and development concept. the project seeks to bridge the gap between several existing planning documents of Sebangau National Park such as site plan and  detailed engineering design of facilities.

Project Component

  1. Survey for identification tourism attraction and facilities (existing or planned)
  2. Analysis of nature tourism policy in Sebangau National Park
  3.  Develop concept and criteria for nature tourism facilities in Sebangua National Park

Donor & Partners

The project was funded by USAID-LESTARI


  1. Delivering Concept and criteria Natural Tourism Facility Planning in Taman Nasional Sebangau Document
  2. Socialization of Natural Tourism Facility Planning Study Document to the Taman Nasional Sebangau Hall officials


It was implemented at Sebangau National Park-Kalimantan Tengah. This park is known has one of the largest peat land forest in Indonesia. The forest is a habitat for the iconic and endangered wildlife, the Bornean orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus). The population of this animal in Sebangau is quite high, based on a survey of nearly 6,000 individuals. This makes Sebangau one of the areas with the largest orangutan population in the world.

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