Increasing Ecotourism Products Competitiveness In Berau And Kapuas Hulu

Increasing Ecotourism Products Competitiveness in Berau and Kapuas Hulu

This project  is aims  to increase competitiveness of Kalimantan island as one of the ecotourism destinations in Indonesia that significantly contribute to sustainable natural resource management and low emission land use in line with forest protection. The project will support community  tourism groups to develop high-quality community-based ecotourism products, especially in tour packages in Heart of Borneo (HoB) region and its supporting area.  Moreover, the project will establish  the network of tour operators In Kalimantan, which can support marketing and sales of these products.  The program is implementing  from 2021 until 2024.

Project Component

The project consist of two objectives :
1. increase tourism contribution as alternative livelihood for sustainable natural resources management.  This purpose has 3 activity components  i.e  produce  Tourism Attraction Management Covid 19 Safety Guidelines,  conduct assessment  as a basis for implementing the activities, and produce  Kalimantan ecotourism product standard.
2. Improve ecotourism product competitiveness.

This purpose covers  4 activity components as capacity building for tourism community groups,  local government and TFCA partners; improve ecotourism tour packages; establish tour operator network in delivering  ecotourism tour packages; building partnerships between tour operator network with others stakeholders; and  promote ecotourism tour products in local, national and international market.

Donor & Partners

The project is funded by Tropical Forest Conservation Act Program from Yayasan Keanekaragaman Hayati Indonesia (KEHATI)


  1. The targetrist Attractions Management
  2. Ecotourism Product Assessment in Berau and Kapuas Hulu
  3. Standards for Kalimantan Ecotourism Products
  4. Capacity building for Tourism community groups, local goverments and TFCA partners
  5. Active tour operator network in Kalimantan ecotourism product marketing
  6. Ecotourism products marketing for local, national and international market
  7. Improving ecotourism product and delivering base on sustainable tourism principles


  1. Project implements in 10 villages in Berau Districts – East  Kalimantan with participants from Tanjung Batu, Teluk Semanting, Batu-Batu, Merasa, Lesan Dayak, Merabu, Teluk Sulaiman, Tembudan, Biduk-Biduk, and Teluk Sumbang.
    6 villages in Kapuas Hulu Districs – West Kalimantan with participants from Sungai Utik, Manua Sadap, Melemba, tekenang, Empangau and Penepian Raya.

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