Celebration of Penti in Waerebo

Penti is one of Manggarai traditional ceremonies to express gratitude. It also becomes the New Year’s Day.  Beko Month which is November is the beginning of the month in Waerebo calculation cycle. This month is also called the beginning month to plant. Since the Waerebo community is a farmer, the initial month of planting is a sign of a new beginning.

The ceremony closes with Sanda which lasts from evening till morning. Sanda itself is a song without music sung endlessly. As a marker of the New Year, Penti also became a time of for gathering people of Waerebo who live outside the village. At times like this, Waerebo village is very crowded, full of joy and laughter.

The celebration of Penti in 2016 was held on 15-16 November in Waerebo. There are approximately 97 tourists who attended the Penti ceremony, from November 15 to 16. Indecon in the CREATED program participated in assisting Penti Celebration in 2016 in which Indecon played a role in assisting all activities undertaken in Pingguutang Celebration helping to register guests from Kasih Ibu House Post, coordinating in serving and delivering guests, helping to provide homestay, helping sales of souvenirs (fabrics, books, honey, craft, and shirt), checking on the toilet cleanliness, air towels and toiletries, helping with food, documenting the Penti event, and interviewing guests, also helps stop visitors during customary rituals.