Further Lifeguard Education and Training in Sawarna Village

Education and training is conducted for 5 days in effective starting from 9 to 13 May 2017. Training took place at Sawarna Village Hall for opening and class activities. Further practice field activities conducted in swimming pool at Ciwaru Bayah Subdistrict and practice in the beach around Sawarna. This activity aims to enhance the capabilities and expertise of the members of the Sawarna lifeguard, so they deserve the competency of lifeguard expertise both resusitation, Life saving and bronze. There are 25 trainees consisting of young people in Sawarna Village with various professions and representatives from Cibagedur Beach ligeguard. This participant had previously attended the beginner’s lifeguard training and was certified resusitation category.

Resource persons and trainers / instructors of lifeguard training come from Balawista Pangandaran and Banten. Instructors are competent with certification affiliated to the parent organization ILS (International Life Saving) and ISLA (International Surf Lifesaving Association). Complete information about Balawista Pangandaran can be seen at http://www.balawistapangandaran.com/