INDECON : Finalis Tourism for Tomorrow Award 2016

WTTC has just announced 15 Finalists of Tourism for Tomorrow Awards 2016. The Finalists are divided into 5 categories: Community, Destination, Environment, Innovation and People: selected through a rigorous judging process, coming out of nominees from 62 countries. Finalists for Community category are organizations who committed to sustainable tourism through community development, empowerment, and heritage preservation. The Finalists are Expediciones Sierra Norte, Pueblos Mancomunados (Mexico), Sapa O’Chau (Vietnam) and Yayasan Ekowisata Indonesia (Indecon).

Flores is one of the region where Indecon has been working. Waerebo, at an idyllic mountain setting, is knowd for its seven traditional thatched ‘MbaruNiang’ houses. Indecon has worked with the village’s residents to develop community based tourism, so that guests come from all over the world to stay here and enjoy trips such as “A Journey of a Cup of Coffee”. In 2008 Waerebo saw 155 tourists, and was struggling to survive. In 2014, it welcomed more than 2,100. It’s just one story from Indecon’s 20 years spent promoting ecotourism across the islands of Indonesia. Whether helping locals address environmental degradation due to illegal logging or turning around the loss of heritage, the organisation has enabled many local communities to maintain their sense of place by preserving their culture and sharing it with foreign visitors.

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