Pangandaran Tourism Management Plan

Author : Indecon | UNWTO & Indecon | 2010

The Plan was developed as part of rehablitation initiatives for Pangandaran after hit by Tsunami in 2006. The area was devastated and tourism collapsed. Its rehabilitation provided opportunities to plan the destination better than before, by putting more attention not only on recovering tourism but also biodiversity and habitat conservation. The planning document was developed jointly by local stakeholders, including district government, local communities, private sector, ngo, and conservation bureau. Spatially, the planning document covered 5(five) village areas around Pangandaran beach, but also other adjacent tourism attractions including Nature Recreation Park. The Plan was adopted not only by local communities, but also village, district, and provincial government, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, BKSDA, and local private sector. The Plan has provided basis for some major improvements in Pangandaran afterwards.

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