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Product Photography to Increase Product Appeal in Online Businesses

The growth of SMEs in Indonesia today is growing rapidly, influenced by technological developments. Many people encouraged themselves to run small businesses and to shift to online business. This trend continues to increase amidst the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic that has shown an increase in online shopping being made by the public. To support online businesses, whether, on a site, a marketplace or social media, visualization of products is crucial and important. Interesting product photography can give a strong impression towards consumers and customers purchase rate. On Thursday, 16th and 21st July 2020, Indecon held an online training titled ‘Technique in Creating Product Photography with a Phone Camera’ along with product and food photographer, Sefa Firdaus. This online training was attended by youths and small-to-medium-sized business owners from Pangkep and Barru District.

  1. Understanding of product; character and strengths of the product that will be photographed
  2. Camera features; entire abilities that could be done by the phone camera that could allow us to capture a good photo. Camera features among others are grid line in cameras that could ease in-camera product composition.
  3. Lighting; the source and direction of light that will be used in shooting the product. The source of light itself can come from natural or artificial light.
  4. Photo concept; the theme that will be used in the photo. This theme should be related to the product or could raise the values, character, and excellence of the product.
  5. Composition; placement setting of the photo’s object and its complement, as well as the correct angle for taking the photos.

The support is to ensure the young people and small business owners in Pangkep and Barru District are still enthusiastic despite the presence of the pandemic. Aside from that, Indecon will continue to support local youths to innovate and develop creative small-to-medium-sized businesses.