Technical Guidance: Management of Rural and Urban Tourism in Bajawa, Flores

In an effort to increase the capacity of human resources in the management and development of tourism products, then Assistant Deputy Development of Cultural Tourism, Deputy of Destination Development and Tourism Industry, conduct technical guidance for tourism management in rural and urban areas for tourism stakeholders and managers of appeal in Ngada. This activity is carried out in collaboration with the Department of Transportation, Tourism, Communications and Information Technology (P2KI) Ngada and several speakers who are competent in their field. Technical Guidance Rural and Urban Management of Travel and Tourism Product Improvement Rural and Urban held in the city of Bajawa on 13-17 June 2016. This event was opened by the Head of Tourism Development of Rural and Urban Ministry of Tourism, Nurwan Hadiyono, Head of Department of Transportation, Tourism, Communications and Informatics (P2KI) Ngada, Sidhu Paulinus, and Director of Indecon, Ary Suhandi.

The purpose of the Technical Guidance:

  1. Socializing guidelines Rural and Urban Tourism Development;
  2. Increasing the capacity of tourism stakeholder and staff appeal Ngada Tourism Office in the management of tourism attraction and the tourism product development
  3. Improving the capacity of travel package preparation, preparation of price and promotion.

This activity was attended by 28 participants from various regions such as the Institute of Rural Tourism in the region Jerebu’u, Langa, Wogo, Watumeze, Folobata, Aimere, Mataloko, Belaraghi, UPH Flobamora, HPI Ngada, and the Department of P2KI Ngada. Participants learn about sustainable tourism, the identification of tourist attractions, the determination of important attributes on tourism products, making travel packages itinerary, travel package pricing, promotion, institutional, and partnerships. Not only listened to the direction of the Indecon, participants also practiced the knowledge gained by identifying directly appeal owned by their respective villages to be made an itinerary that could be recommended as a pattern of travel in Ngada. This workshop created a variety of new ideas from the participants that was interesting to develop. Participants also shared experiences on the obstacles and the development of tourism in their respective villages.

“This activity was enlightening to us the Tourism Department Ngada to continue to develop tourism of Ngada in accordance with existing resources. We are very satisfied with this event, we are becoming increasingly understand how to create a tourism product in accordance with the appeal there,” explained Arnoldus Jo from P2KI Ngada. Based on the responses from the participants, it was known that the majority of participants were very satisfied with the material provided on this Technical Guidance. Even participants wanted the follow-up to the advisory planning the development of travel packages in each region.

“I am very grateful to the Ministry of Tourism and Indecon who have shared their knowledge with us. I am now increasingly understand how to begin making tour product that good and true. I’ll make sure in 2017, Watumeze will launch travel packages trekking mt. Inerie for tourists”, explained Simon Doke from Tiworiwu II village. From the results of the evaluation of the participants, obtained some recommendations that will be implemented jointly by the institutions, HPI, and the Department of Tourism with the support Ngada Indecon and the Ministry of Tourism. The recommendations are expected to be implemented in practice by the parties concerned.