Understanding The Effectivity of Copywriting for Online Selling

Nowadays, the role of IF in human daily life has been really intensified. The research by We Are Social and HootSuite (2020) showed that 59% out of all Indonesians are actively use social media. It indicates that there is an opportunity for small businesses to market and sell their product or service via social media. Moreover, during Covid-19 pandemic, there has been an increasing number for online shopping followed by an increasing number of online enterprise. However, due to strict competition, excellent and well-targeted marketing strategic are required to increase brand awareness and product selling. One of marketing strategies to be comprehended is copywriting.

On Friday, 21st August 2020, Indonesia Ecotourism Network organized a Virtual training om Copywriting for Commercial for youth from Pangkep District and Barru District, South Sulawesi. The training was provided by a guest speaker who work professionally in digital content writing field: Dina Vionetta. It was straight, easy to understand, clear, and absolutely interesting. Participants were taught about basic technical copywriting, basic structure and writing pattern, also basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Furthermore, there was also a consultation session reflecting on few posted captions in social media participants’ account. In this session, Dina Vionetta gave her feedback and emphasized that in copywriting there should be information, the benefit, and the advantage of the product or service. They should match the target market and are able to persuade customer to buy the product or to use the product or services that has been marketed.

The training aimed to increase the ability of copywriting and understand the benefit of excellent copywriting in product or service. This training also obtained positive feedback from the participants, as seen from the enthusiasm and spirit from participants in responding and asking questions.

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